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Adichunchanagiri Cultural and Spiritual Foundation of USA has been offered Federal Income Tax exempt - 501 (C) (3)

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Adichunchanagiri Cultural and Spiritual Foundation of USA was formed with the Objectives of developing and upkeeping the Tradition and Cultural activities. It also aims at helping create a peaceful environment.


HELP DURING DISASTER & NATURAL CALAMITIES: AC Mutt-USA also palns on involving with the society when needed such as during a Natural disaster or calamity and try to help the needy such as Hurricane Sandy that caused a major disaster in the East Coast of USA.


FOOD DRIVE: AC Mutt-USA also aims at taking a Food drive every month to the needy people. People interested in this event can contact Mr. Babu Rangaiah (or) Mr. Babu Keelara for more details.


ENCOURAGEMENT TO CHILDREN: AC Mutt-USA also aims at bringing the new generation Kids to the fold of understanding the Old Culture and its values so that it would help them in being a good citizen.


Hurricane Sandy Relief Program - NJ

Adichunchangiri Mutt, in co-ordination with VPA-East and Brundavana Kannada Sangha did a Hurricane Sandy relief drive. This was to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Within the span of 48 hours volunteers were able to collect 50 boxes of clothes, food, and other supplies and donated it to Legion of Goodwill Newark NJ. Sri Swamiji sincerely appreciates everyone over whelming response and generous donation for the good cause. This is the best ever charity drive.

Adichunchangiri Mutt thanks all the representatives and the members from each organization who worked hard for the past 48 hours and volunteered to make this effort even more success. Thanks to all the youths and kids volunteers who helped in collecting/packing/distributing the items.

More pictures can be found at - Hurricane Relief program

Spiritual Discourse by Sri Nirmalananda Swamiji in New Jersey at "Jewel of India" Auditorium

Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Swamiji had a spiritual Discourse in New Jersey at Jewel of Indiaand spoke to the audience about the generation and how we should upbring the new generation kids.


There were more than 150 people gathered at the venue who took the blessings of Sri Swamiji.


More pictures can be found at - Spiritual Discourse by Sri Swamiji

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